Boys on the beach, Gaza assault 2014أطفال على الساحل، العدوان على غزة ٢٠١٤

Boys on the beach, Gaza assault 2014

Sumud - Steadfastness (1948 onwards)

Sketch: Shaymaa Abu-Hasanain [Gaza], Gaza
Embroidery: Mayyada Abu Sitta [Bir Seb’a], Gaza
Size: 59 x 80 cm

During the 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza, four boys – Ahed Atef Bakr, Zakaria Ahed Bakr, Mohamed Ramez Bakr, and Ismael Mohamed Bakr – playing on the Gaza beach were killed by fire from an Israeli gunboat.

Israeli artist Amir Schiby created an image of the boys to honour their tragically short lives. It depicts a lone soccer ball in the surf, with the shadows of children playing nearby. He wrote on Facebook that the image was created “as a tribute to all children living in war zones.”

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