Sumud - Steadfastness (1948 onwards)

Source: http://www.handala.org/about/
Embroidery: Jan Chalmers, UK
Size: 59 x 41 cm

Despite the suffering endured by Palestinians since the occupation of their homeland, steadfastness and hope for justice survive.

These qualities are symbolised in the determined stance of ‘Handala’, a creation of the Palestinian cartoonist Naji al-Ali.

In Arabic, ‘handala’ means ‘medicinal bitter desert fruit’.

According to Naji, “Handala was born aged ten – the age Naji was when he was expelled from his village, Al-Shajara, in 1948. Handala will remain that age and will become normal again only when the Palestinian homeland is restored. Naji was assassinated in 1987 in London.

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