Popular resistance   [59 x 102 cm]

Source of image: Design by Ibrahim Muhtadi
Design: Ibrahim Muhtadi [Al Quds], Gaza, Palestine
Sketch: Shaymaa Abu-Hasanain, [Gaza], Gaza, Palestine
Embroidery: Khawla Dahrouj [Bir Seb’a] Gaza, Palestine

In his 2011 book Popular Resistance in Palestine, Mazin Qumsiyeh documents the many ways in which the indigenous people of Palestine have resisted oppression – by the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire, and the Zionist colonial project. Non-violent resistance has been far more common and enduring than violent resistance. It has involved petitions, strikes, demonstrations, civil disobedience, non-cooperation, boycott, divestment and sanctions. Many Palestinian towns and villages have organised resistance initiatives, but the media have ignored most of these. This panel includes the names of some that have been reported.

Era: Sumud - Steadfastness (1948 onwards)

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