Palestine population, 1918-1947عدد السكان في فلسطين 1918-1947

Palestine population, 1918-1947   [59 x 66 cm]

Embroidery: Jan Chalmers, UK

Sponsored by: Chalmers Family, UK

This panel shows the growth in the population of Palestine between 1918 and 1947, and the gradually increasing proportion of Jewish immigrants, referred to as ‘Jewish Palestinians’ during the British Mandate.

Data sources:-

1918: Palestinians – S. Abu Sitta (pers. com.); Jews – J. McCarthy (1990).

1919: Palestinians and Jews – R. Shamir (2000).

1920: Palestinians and Jews – S. Abu Sitta (pers. com.)

1921: Palestinians and Jews – S Abu Sitta (pers. com.)

1922-1946: Total population and Jews – S. Abu Sitta (2010).

1947: Palestinians – S. Abu Sitta (pers. com.); Jews – S. Della Pergola (2001).

Acknowledgements: The Palestinian History Tapestry Project is indebted to Professor Salman Abu Sitta for help in compiling the data on which the embroidered infographic has been based.

Era: British Mandate (1920—1948)

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