Scotland hosts the Palestinian History Tapestry

The Palestinian History Tapestry was exhibited at Scotland’s first Festival of Palestine between  9 to 16th October 2021 at St Columba’s by the Castle church in Edinburgh. Organised by Edinburgh Action for Palestine and the Palestinian community in Scotland, the Festival was a weeklong celebration of traditional music, ‘dabkeh’ folk dance, and entertainment.

A selection of hand-embroidered on canvas panels was exhibited celebrating the wonderful Palestinian tradition of handicraft. The exhibition told the story of the land and people of Palestine through the ages using traditional Palestinian embroidery.

Husam Zomlot, Palestinian Ambassador to the UK,  participated in the opening ceremony and welcomed guests in a recorded video message, reminding them of the strong links between Scotland and Palestine: “Scottish support for Palestine, the Palestinian people, the Palestinian struggle are simply inspiring and empowering,” Mr Zomlot stated.

Zomlot described the Palestinian History Tapestry as a “mind-boggling achievement” which “shows the beauty of our land, the depth of our culture, the intensity of our history and the strength of our attachment to our home.”

Ms Joanna Cherry MP and Mr Tommy Sheppard MP, both members of the Scottish National Party and long-time supporters of the Palestinian struggle, attended the exhibition and shared their support on Twitter.

On the last day of the exhibition, Andrew Crummy, the illustrator of the Great Tapestry of Scotland, gave a talk sharing his expertise in designing the Great Tapestry and exploring similarities between the two projects.

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