How to Contribute a Panel

We welcome proposals for ideas about what would make interesting and important history in stitch. We also welcome contributions in sketch form or embroidery from Palestinians.

Because we would like there to be some uniformity in the finished tapestry, here are some guidelines showing what we’re looking for.

It is important that proposed panel designs or subject matter has had input from Palestinians. Proposals will be assessed by a PHT panel advisory group before formal artwork begins. This will ensure full Palestinian participation, eliminate panel duplication and form the basis of a database of stories.

The finished tapestry will be made from a series of story panels, each one separated from its neighbour by an embroidered spacer. The eventual length of the completed tapestry is unknown. Based on past experience, it is likely to be over 100 metres.

The Panels
Each completed panel will be approximately 1metre wide and exactly 50cm high.
Each panel will tell a story or scene agreed between the Palestinian stitchers and the PHT panel organisers.
Ideas for embroidered panels can be taken from the official PHT history list, which has been drawn up by two Palestinian historians,or from an alternative individual idea or suggestion. In all events, panels must be agreed by the PHT advisory group.
The density of stitching can vary depending on the topic.

The Spacers
Embroidered spacers will sit between the large panels. They must exactly 30cm wide and exactly 50cm high (no deviations from this size please), and will show a small stitched cameo, representative of some aspect of Palestinian life.
The idea for embroidered spacers can be sourced from anywhere [books, photographs, web] as long as the topic relates to Palestine or Palestinians. Ideas can also be taken from the official PHT history list. In all events, spacers must be agreed by the PHT panel advisory group.

All panels and spacers may (it is a choice) have a decorative embroidered border in traditional or modern design, or Arabic script, stitched around the panel story and the spacer cameo.
If the embroiderer chooses to stitch a border, then 10 cm should be left all round the outside of the border.
Please note that this is a voluntary, not-for-profit project. If you wish to take part, the PHT Project team may ask you to raise funds to support the work.

If you would like to take part please contact the Project Team by emailing [email protected]