An Update

In light of the current situation in Gaza it is more than ever important to continue with our work on the Palestinian History Tapestry.  Donations continue to arrive and we are grateful to our donors who give without a second thought, who trust us to do well by their belief in what PHT is saying it will accomplish.  We thank those Palestinians in Jordan who are new to the project and who have shown great enthusiasm and excitement about being involved, and who are sewing.  Helen Hawari from PHT UK is planning a visit with new and old groups in West Bank, Ramallah and Galilee.  We in UK continue project awareness by writing articles, giving talks, and holding sales of work, and we try to keep our spirits up for Gaza. Dear Gaza, Atfaluna, Sulafa, and those individuals who are helping PHT, we look forward to the day you are free to live as others do, and we look forward to you being able to design and stitch again on the panels you have in hand. We are watching for your safety and waiting for your freedom.