Destruction of Bedouin villages   [59 x 72 cm]

Source of image: From a painting by Bashir Abu-Rabia'
Design: Bashir Abu-Rabia (Naqab)
Embroidery: Naama al Awawdah [Es Samu], Khalil District.

This panel draws attention to the cycle of destruction and reconstruction of many Bedouin villages, including Al-Arakeeb, Aum Al-Heran, and threatened  Khan Al-Ahmar in the Jordan Valley. These villages have been destroyed by the Israeli Army in a policy of further ethnic cleansing to establish Jewish-only settlements.  The panel is inspired by a painting by Bashir Abu-Rabia’, the first Bedouin artist in the Negev, who began featuring Palestinian embroidery in his paintings in 1969.

Era: Sumud - Steadfastness (1948 onwards)

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