Makam Hassan er Ra’ai, 1270 CE   [59 x 97 cm]

Source of image: Bible walks
Embroidery: Alia Abu-Rabia, Drejat, Naqab

This Makam (resting place) was dedicated to a shepherd (Ra’ai) named Hassan. The tomb of Hasan ar-Ra‘i (مقام حسن الرعيعي) is located several hundred meters south of Nebi Musa.   The structure is enclosed within a wall, has six arches on four sides and topped with two domes. The Jerusalem-Jericho road was one of the primary roads passing Nebi Musa, an ancient holy site. Mediterranean Arabs made pilgrimages to Mecca past this point, and many-domed buildings mark the end of the first day’s march.

Era: Mamluk Period (1260—1516)

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