Philistine migration to Palestineفخار فليستي

Philistine migration to Palestine

Iron Age (1,250—721 BCE)

Sketch: Laila Tibi [Taybeh]
Embroidery: Amine Abu Rabia', Drejat, Naqab
Size: 59 x 80 cm

Philistines appear in Assyrian sources in the 9th century BCE. Palestine was mentioned in early Greek sources as a place – ‘Palaestina’ – and as a people, ‘Palaistinoi’. Palestine as a geographic name appears in the 5th century BCE histories of Herodotus. Third century BCE Hellenistic sources referred to ‘Palaistin’ to describe the entire area between Phoenicia and Egypt. This panel is based on a sketch drawn by Laila Tibi [Taybeh].

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