PHT Newsletter — April 2020

PHT Newsletter — April 2020

What’s special about Tuesday 30 June 2020?

Tuesday 30 June 2020 is the centenary of Britain’s transfer of Palestine from military to civilian administration. Sir Louis Bols, of the ‘Occupied Enemy Territory Administration’, handed over Palestine to Viscount Herbert Samuel, who was Jewish and a Zionist and had been appointed High Commissioner of Palestine.

Samuel signed an informal “receipt”, acknowledging that he had received “one Palestine, complete”, as described by Israeli historian Tom Segev in his book “One Palestine Complete”.

The abbreviation at bottom left of the letter stands for “Errors and Omissions Excepted”, but clearly not the error of establishing the basis for a settler colonial state, or the omission to consult the people on whose homeland the state was to be established.

At 1500 h on Tuesday 30 June, John McHugo will give a talk on Zoom titled “A Fresh Look at the Palestine Mandate and Britain’s historic Responsibilities”.

“If you would like to listen to this talk, go to the Balfour Project Website (, and click on the ‘About’ tab. This will result in the display of a drop down menu, the final option on which is ‘Contact us’.  Click on this option and fill in the form there to give the Project permission to send you occasional emails.  The Project will then instruct Zoom to send you an email containing a link to the event on 30 June. Just before 3 pm on that day, people can click on the link emailed to them, and they’ll be connected.”

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