Lancet Palestinian Health Alliance Conference in Amman

We had a captive audience in Amman.

“At the Lancet Palestinian Health Alliance Conference,  Jan Chalmers presented a clear and succinct description of the Palestine History Tapestry project. She explained how and why the decision to carry out such an ambitious idea had been arrived at, and showed how far the work had progressed. She presented samples of embroidery already completed to everyone’s fascination. Although her talk came at the end of a long day of papers and discussion at the conference, when the audience might have been forgiven for wanting a break, everyone stayed to hear Jan as she made her lively presentation.The many questions afterwards were proof of how fascinating everyone found the topic. At the end it was clear that the Palestine History Tapestry project had recruited even more supporters.”

Ghada Karmi, Patron

Such a diaspora of Palestinians, it was  a privilege to be there to talk about the Palestinian History Tapestry.

Weeam and Jan

Weeam Zeina Jan Lee tapestries show

Taking pictures of tapestries

Thank you Rita Giacaman for making it possible.