Embroiderers from Al Amari Refugee Camp Ramallah

Oxford Ramallah Friendship Association (ORFA) invited 6 women from Al Amari Refugee Camp in Ramallah and 1 from Bethlehem, to Oxford for a 10 day Palestinian awareness program. Refaa Abu Reesh from Jaffa, Latifa Naji, Samira Brash, Elham Abu Taha all from Ramla, Nadia Haboub, Basima Hamad both from Al Lid, and Hanan Bannourah from Bethlehem.

On Friday 20th June PHT hosted a supper for the women and gave  a presentation about the project with the hope that they would be inspired to join in.  Some of  the  images shown in the presentation were of  Al Amari camp embroidery center, taken a couple years ago when Helen and Jan visited. Women in the pictures were recognised with great glee by our visitors.  It is hoped that Jan and Helen will visit Al Amari  again this autumn and  encourage embroidery contributions. In all events there was great enthusiasm about helping from the group.


Amari women2