A visit to Beirut and Amman March 2016


Meet Basma and Iman from Ein el Helweh refugee camp near Saida. Basma has stitched a spacer and Iman a panel for the project and have both taken other images to stitch. A third embroiderer, Keffa, has agreed to try a spacer with a view to doing more if she likes the work. Riham our coordinator for Lebanon is working very closely with the women and doing a great job.



Meet Jeanette in Amman, a meticulous and gifted Palestinian embroiderer. I showed her some samples of embroidery I had taken with me from our collection, and without hesitation she new immediately where the work had been done. Either by the stitches or by the fabric used. We are lucky to have her working for the tapestry. Barbara our coordinator for Amman feels that we are now on an embroidery roll in Amman. Janette has taken an image to work herself and a second piece for a friend who she works closely with. Barbara is keen to seek embroiderers from Jerash refugee camp known as ‘Gaza camp’ where Palestinian people live in very poor and difficult conditions. The camp is about 40Km from Amman and is situated on Roman ruins. Barbara is being supported by Leila the curator of Tiraz, a museum in Amman with the largest collection of Palestinian dress and embroidery http://tirazcentre.org/en/widad-kawar  and Shaden who runs the Museum shop.