Resistance to apartheid and oppression 2002-   [59 x 76cm]

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Embroidery: Nawal Ibrahim al Ahmed [Tabariyeh], Ain al-Hilweh, Lebanon

In the years since Israel began construction of the apartheid wall in 2002, local and international artists have taken to it as a blank canvas on which to paint their politics, illuminating different realities in the process.  The art, some argue, normalises the appearance of the wall, mainstreaming instead of highlighting its injustice. On the other hand, work created by Palestinian artists can serve as both radical reminders of resistance and messages of hope for the Palestinian community.  Because of the populist quality of graffiti, as well as the legal and physical danger posed to artists, much of the work remains unattributed.

Era: Sumud - Steadfastness (1948 onwards)

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