Ṣalaḥ ad-Din Yusuf al-Ayyubid (Saladin)صلاح الدين يوسف الايوبي

Ṣalaḥ ad-Din Yusuf al-Ayyubid (Saladin)

Ayyubid Period (1187—1250)

Embroidery: Dowlat Abu Shaweesh [Ne’ane], Ramallah
Size: 59 x 83 cm

Salah ad Din Yusuf (Saladin) was a Kurd and the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria.  His forces defeated the Crusaders in 1187 CE at the Battle of Hittin, and went on to re-capture Jerusalem, which had been seized by the Crusaders from the Egyptians 88 years earlier.

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