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Palestine 4000 years of history

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PALEXPO Olympia London 6-7 July 2019

All the current original, stitched Palestinian History Tapestry panels were displayed publicly for the first time at PALEXPO 2019, a celebration of Palestinian culture at Olympia on 6 & 7 July 2019, which was attended by over 10,000 visitors.  Several thousand people of all ages visited the Tapestry, which covered both sides of 100 metres of free-standing display boards.

We were told by Friends of al Aqsa ( – the organisers of PALEXPO 2019 – that there was a buzz of excitement about the Tapestry among visitors.

Many visitors took pictures, and some filmed the Tapestry.  One of the first visitors was Swee Ang, the trauma surgeon who has worked tirelessly in Gaza.  Although she was amazed by the Tapestry, she was not surprised by the quality of the beautiful stitching, for which Palestinian embroiderers are well-known.

All the visitors with whom we spoke were complimentary about the Tapestry, and many of the Palestinian visitors were visibly moved by it and expressed gratitude to the designers, stitchers and other contributors to PHT Project. We distributed business cards with the Project’s website and email addresses, and urged those visitors with suggestions for modifying some panel narratives to send their comments to the PHT Project’s email.

Mounting, monitoring, and dismantling the Tapestry was hard work for our small PHT team, but we were glad to have taken advantage of Friends of Al Aqsa’s invitation to exhibit the Tapestry at PALEXPO 2019. A measure of the success of our contribution is that FOA have asked us to consider being a regular feature at future PALEXPOs.

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Slideshow Launch in Amman March 27 2019

Shaima Alwaheidi and Doaa Hammoudeh presenting the Project to the participants at the LPHA’s 10th birthday dinner.

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Oxford Launch

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January 2019

PHT News, January 2019
Brilliant work’; ‘Powerful stories’; ‘A lovely exhibition’; ‘Beautiful and moving’; ‘Inspiring’; ‘Unexpectedly moving and inspiring’; ’Beautiful, well executed and thought provoking’; ‘Moving, incisive and a genuine contribution to the struggle’; ‘Fantastic tapestries telling a very important story’; ‘So lovely’; ‘Amazing and inspiring’; ‘A beautiful and moving project’; ‘Heart-rending images in exquisite stitching’; ‘Very moving and beautifully presented’; ‘Inspiring, beautiful and heartening’; Subtle, understated’; ’Touching’; ‘Broader concepts of Palestinian history’.

These are some of the words used to describe the Palestinian History Tapestry by people who attended its Oxford launch at St Anthony’s College, and its London launch hosted by Middle East Monitor (MEMO) at the P21 Gallery on 11 December, 70 years to the day on which the United Nations General Assembly declared in Resolution 194 the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes in what had become Israel.


Sixty of the 80 tapestry panels were also exhibited at Wolfson College Oxford from the end of January to 14 February

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