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Gaza the Naqab and West Bank visits

Iain Chalmers’ report for the PHT Project  Committee on his visit to Gaza, the Naqab, and the West Bank, 10-18 March 2017 Jan was scheduled to give two talks about …

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A visit to el Amari

Daphne Symon from Cheltenham visited the sewing group early this autumn and sent back an ‘at work’ image. The group have just completed a crusader panel and are starting on a new …

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A Visit to Al Amari in Ramallah

During March 2016, Dowlet of the Al Amari embroidery group in Ramallah, is seen here making preparation to embroider a panel.

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A visit to Beirut and Amman March 2016

Meet Basma and Iman from Ein el Helweh refugee camp near Saida. Basma has stitched a spacer and Iman a panel for the project and have both taken other images to …

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Visit to Amman and Beirut

Amman and Beirut 15th – 23rd March2015 Amman Visits were made to A community project in Amman run by Um Jassar Um Ismail, leader of a woman’s embroidery group “Hope” …

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A visit to Gaza

I have just spent 8 days in Gaza. The first day was a busy one as it was the only day Jamila our Gaza co-ordinator and I had together. Jamila …

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A Visit to Gaza

In September Jan visited two embroidery groups in the Gaza Strip. The first was The Society of Women Graduates.  The society was established in 1974 to develop the potential of …

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A visit to the West Bank

From 29th March to 3rd April, Helen arranged  a 4 day visit to Palestinian embroidery groups in the West Bank.  The visit was through Sunbula the fair trade Palestinian craft …

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Report back from Beirut

The Palestinian embroiderers I met in Beirut were enthusiastic about a Palestinian history in stitches. I firstly went to see INAASH. This is a very exclusive high class embroidery business. …

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Visit to Sunbula in Palestine

On March 29th Helen Hawari and I will be visiting Sunbula in Jerusalem. Sunbula is a non-profit fair trade organisation that supports Palestinian craftspeople.  To learn more about Sunbula click …

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